02. Dramatis personae

The characters most likely to feature in this blog.

A) The Home Team (AKA The Beasts)

Polly. Originally a rescue cat called Peggy, she became Polly when we found out she had the habit of sitting on your shoulder.   For this narrative she will become Blind Captain Catt as she has only one eye now (tumour removed late 2017).

Polly post 2

Greta. Our old Welsh Springer Spaniel, half blind and deaf except when it comes to chasing birds or squirrels or anything that moves. In her role of guarding the house she barks whenever she thinks she has heard something (anything). Incessantly.

Greta post 2

Adie. Our younger Welshie, became a mother early in 2018, happy to see the back of her puppies a few months later. Lives for human company. If I am out, she will wait outside the house for me (old joke, how do you know if it’s raining? The dog is wet).

Adie post 2

B) The Away Team (AKA MY Brave Boys, MBB or My Foolhardy Boys, MFB depending on what they’ve done)

George. As already written, first one in the family to sign up. Here he is at the end of the 2017/18 Clipper race.

George post 2

John. The next one to sign up. Always ready for anything as you can see, modelling the fashion for sailors in the 1950s.

John post 2

C) Sam and support team (AKA Her Companions)

Wow, Just realised we’re no longer Under Milkwood but I am now The Doctor! I’m sure a Sonic Screwdriver will  come in use on this trip. Here I am also supporting Clipper return. My hair is not normally that colour, blame it on the sun we’ve had in summer 2018.

Sam post 2

My Companions are in the process of being chosen and will appear at the appropriate times.

And the youngsters at the top of this post? Future Clipper crew? John’s grandchildren in Spain, posing with the three of us last Easter.





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