01. To begin at the beginning

If you can’t hear Richard Burton in your head, stop reading now and go and listen to Under Milkwood before reading on. Nothing to do with my blog but his voice is amazing.

This isn’t the usual “I went to sea” story. I haven’t and won’t. Instead it’s the stirring tale of one woman who followed her two men (husband John and son George) around the world as they sailed in Clipper yachts. By plane and five star hotel! Yes, the Soft Option.

So how did it start?

George is a fairly  keen sailor and signed up for Clipper 2019/20 in 2017 after seeing them leave Liverpool.  He’s in his mid-20s and has no responsibilities so he can just take off (as he did when at university, to go to Afghanistan with the Royal Engineers).

In July 2018 John and I went to see the Clipper 2017/18 race come back to Liverpool (photo at top). John got so excited he signed up. Not, as I thought, for a leg, but the whole thing. He is not in his mid-20s and has a few responsibilities but he recently retired and obviously is not going to stay home and plant plants in his BRAND NEW greenhouse.

greenhouse post 1

I have a gammy leg so wouldn’t get through the first week, but I have tried to get other family members interested: it would be fun to have one on each boat! No luck, “not the right year for me” and “I’ve a new girlfriend” being two reasons. So, only two Circumnavigators in this family.

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