Post 147 (a) It’s A Small Small World (11)

We’ve not had any Small World posts since September 2021 but I’ve saved a few up.

The first: in Post 129 (November 2021) I mentioned that I was reading ‘Fall’, about Robert Maxwell. Not long after, a pal of George’s came to visit and told me his grandfather had been the architect on Robert Maxwell’s house.

The second: One of George’s Godparents met up with a friend she used to work with and Clipper came up (as it does). Turns out her brother was the skipper on Dare to Lead, Nigel Parry. Not only that, but JD did his refresher course with Nigel as trainer in October 2021, although at that time he was not revealing that he’d be a skipper when the race re-started in March 2022. JD says he now lives in Germany and has a beautiful old wooden boat that he and his wife are renovating (Nigel, not us. Unless there’s something I’ve not been told as JD has yet to find a good time)

The third (and final for today): Last Post I said I was reading the cosy mystery ‘A Three Dog Problem’. It turns out that the author, Sophie Bennett, is the daughter of people who live close by and were neighbours of very good friends of ours. Her father served in the forces and is often in our local newspaper.

More news soon!