03. Should I Stay or Should I Go?

It may look as though I’ve decided but there’s lots to think about.

A) If I stay:


  1. I’ll not finish collecting the first 1000 Penguins (as above). I’m only 14 short.
  2. Who will I get to look after the Home Team? I can’t put the poor beasts into kennels for all that time or keep getting them out then returning them a few days / weeks later.
  3. I’ll miss my newspapers: currently when away (for a short time) I have a pal get them for me then I gorge on them on my return.
  4. I get through a book a week or so. Can I carry that many around with me?
  5. As well as my Penguins I’ve a 1000-piece jigsaw to finish. That number seems to crop up in my life! It was a birthday present (in January), a photo of a fox in a bluebell wood with most of the bluebells out of focus (i.e. a mass of indistinguishable blue).
  6. What about my piano lessons? I started two years ago and can just about remember where middle C is.
  7. What about my Pilates Class?
  8. Can I exist without knitting for all that time? I’m not obsessive but I do like to have something on the go.
  9. Will I get decent milk to have in my Earl Grey (sorry those of you who have it black or with lemon).
  10. Who’ll read the meters, order the oil, pay the bills etc?


  1. I could redecorate as I wish.
  2. I could redesign the garden. I’ve always fancied “rooms” like you see in the magazines.
  3. The beasts would be happy and well fed.
  4. My exercise (physical and mental) routine would be maintained.

B) If I go:

  1. See John and George every month or so rather than after almost a year (would I recognise them? Will they recognise me?).
  2. Meet new people.
  3. See new places.
  4. Enjoy some time away with friends who I don’t normally spend time with.
  5. I could download the newspaper on my iPad (which I currently don’t have, add to shopping list).
  6. If I do three pieces of jigsaw a day it’ll be finished in time.
  7. I could keep piano / Pilates going when I am home and practice when away (I have a lovely little fold up keyboard, not brilliant but good enough).
  8. If we get a house / beast sitter, they can sort out meters, oil etc. Most bills are or could be direct debit.


I guess I’ll regret not going.

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