11. Winter Holiday

Continuing from the last post, we spent New Year in Valencia trying the local wines. Not quite yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, but plenty of casks!

We met (surprise, surprise) yet more yachting enthusiasts who will be watching our every move come August on (a) the Clipper round the world yacht viewer and (b) this blog (I hope).


After that we came home for a couple of days to sober up before heading off to Marrakesh for my birthday treat.

It was a wonderful trip, very relaxing although those of you who know John know relaxation doesn’t come easily.

Just practicing.

I’m only glad that it wasn’t the sort of hotel where they unpack your bags for you, goodness only knows what they would have thought to see lengths of rope in his case. Even when he did sit down, he was able to find the most uncomfortable chair going!

Not much to find that relates to boats in Marrakesh so to end here’s a shot of me flying the flag for the official sponsors of Clipper clothing this year (I bought it in 2012) and of a boat we saw in Valencia which is not very watertight!

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