10a. It’s A Small Small World (2)

Another quick post before I get to the next one. As a hangover from my old day job, I have a big photocopier (not big as in floor-standing but bigger than you’d normally have). My contact came to check it over the other day. Not only is he into sailing, he has other clients who have sailed with Clipper AND have been sponsors.

Then, a day later, one of our pals in California who we plan to see on the trip (early 2020? we should know tomorrow) dropped me a line. He has recently moved to a new house which is at Dana Point, named after the chap who wrote “Two Years Before the Mast” as featured in post 10 earlier this week. Just looked up Dana Point, must be worth a visit: danapointharbour.com.

Not only that, but one of his family has a vineyard, sadly destroyed last year (or was it the year before?) but they are bringing it back to life. Another good reason to visit!

Cheers! And hello to two new followers!

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