Sorry for the delay

Race 10 has finished, Unicef were second meaning they get 20 points as they played their Joker. They also had three points for crossing the Scoring Gate first. I have (yet another) problem with EE and our internet. I’ll do a proper update once we’re back online. Lots of news!!

2 thoughts on “Sorry for the delay

  1. Hi Sam, good news, I asume John has successfully crossed the Pacific and is or was in Seatle, that was a long trip. I did it once from the Philipines and it took 3 weeks. He will be looking forward to warmer weather as he now heads south down the west coast.Will the fleet be going via the panama canal or all the way round south america. Marie Claire and I are now in France, this morning found 5 dead birds in our chimney and in the last week have broken 2 ride on mowers cutting the long grass on what is supposed to be our lawn. Best regards Alan & Marie Claire


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