33a. It’s A Small Small World (6)

Last Saturday John and I were on a VHF course (details to follow but don’t hold your breath, it may be a few days). There were another five attendees who were nothing to do with Clipper, all on the course because they either had boats or wanted to buy one. We were chatting about why we were doing the course, Clipper and which boats MBB were on: one of the guys said “Oh, Qingdao, my friend Donna is on that one, going round the world, don’t know if you know her?”. Well, I think the WHOLE WORLD knows her! If you go onto the Clipper website and look in the gallery you’ll see her modelling the Musto clothing, getting wet and making tea: https://www.clipperroundtheworld.com/news/view-gallery/musto-technical-clothing-partner-launch

Then, that evening, after a stroll around Hamble and a pint in The Bugle, we ended up in La Dolce Vita, an Italian restaurant (what else could it be?) for a meal. As we were sitting there a couple walked in and John said “I know them, remind me who they are”. I looked round and saw Harry and Anna, sailing friends of George who had been staying at our house (with another eighteen or so) the weekend before for George’s farewell bash! Had it been a week earlier we would not have known each other. They had been racing J class boats (single masted racing yachts) and came third. Harry is a very useful chap to know, he and his cousins make Pig Beer in Brockenhurst. https://www.pigbeer.com/

Good stuff, he brought supplies to George’s party and we all enjoyed a bottle or two whilst watching the cricket, tennis or F1 from Silverstone. If you’re anywhere near Brockenhurst next week you could go to the New Forest & Hampshire County Show and try it for yourself.

Harry and Anna

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