27a. It’s A Small Small World (5)

There are two small worlds here but individually too small to really divide up into two posts. The first one: when I went to pick the Home Team (see post 2) from the kennels after our sailing trip detailed last time, I got chatting to the owner about our adventures. Not only did he once live in the same village as Sir Robin, he used to go shooting with him! Here’s Polly recovering from the ordeal of being away from home.

Life is hard

Then, a couple of days later, after my Pilates class, we went and had a coffee (no cake) as usual. Chatting about which boats George and John will be on, one of my pals told me her grand-daughter Georgia (not quite George) had spent a year in Qingdao studying during her degree. I’d never heard of the place before Clipper, although I think we’ve all heard of the beer Tsingtao. I’ll have plenty of pictures of China over the next year but in the meantime here’s a dragon.

Chinese New Year celebrations in the UK

Now I’m ready to let you know all about the two boats my crew members are on….

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