24. The Girls Watch The Boys

This Saturday, May 11th, we have the Crew Allocation Day, when all the sailors will be told which skipper and which boat they will be with for the duration of the race. I shall be there as a Supporter but you can watch from the comfort of your sofa on the following link.


This will be live from 09.30 to 12.30 on the day, you may not get the exciting atmosphere but you’ll be able to go and make cups of tea if you get fed up! If you’d rather watch it later and fast-forward then this is the link you need, which has lots of other Clipper stuff to keep you occupied for hours on end (I know, I’ve been on it a few times).

Clipper Race YouTube

There are (as I type) more than 10 videos for Our Race but plenty of clips from the previous races to give a taste of what is to come for Our Brave Boys.

I’ve had a break from posting for a while not because I have nothing to say (as if) but because we’ve been busy with birthday parties. Starting with George in late April we have six family birthdays in a fortnight ending with John and one of his grand-daughters. John seems to think that this year is something special and had three parties (to date). Needless to say, boats in one form or another featured quite a bit:

Birthday balloon from Victoria
See the sea?

I’m going to have to post this now otherwise I’ll not get to all the others things in life that need attention (now, when did I last feed the dogs?). I have lots to tell you but it’ll have to wait for another week.

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