17a. It’s A Small Small World (3)

John has moved on in his fitness training from “rehab” (which sounds like giving up an addiction) to S&C. I think I initially called this Sculpting and Carving (which sounds like an artwork class). Or maybe Styling and Curling (at the hairdresser’s?). I can’t remember what it does stand for but I’m sure it is meaningful, like so many things these days…

However, when John attended his first session he explained why he was there and what he needed to achieve. His new trainer was very interested, it turns out he trained Brendan Hall (see blog post 14) who then went on to win the Clipper race in 2010 when he was only 28. No pressure on either of MBB then! It is worth reading the book just to see how he applied himself in order to win, especially when he became responsible for three yachts in the race.

2 thoughts on “17a. It’s A Small Small World (3)

  1. I hadn’t heard of Brendan Hall’s book before but, having had a look at the reviews, I immediately ordered it. Going back a post or two to the one in which you described all sorts of sailing related courses, I would suggest that you try and go on one about the weather. No point going off to do a Day Skipper unless you are planning on actually going sailing but the weather is a fascinating topic in itself and will really help you understand the science behind the conditions that will be encountered during the race. I think it is especially important now that so many TV weather forecasts have been dumbed down and consist mainly of platitudes such as ‘wrap up warm’ (which is not even grammatically correct)


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