09. Don’t Know Much About History

Stop press! I now have over 50 followers! OK, so I just found a history blog with over 30 million followers, but you have to start somewhere.

I find that although John and George are speaking English, it might as well be Chaucer’s English. Things I thought I understood are not as they seem. So here are a few technical terms that are not to be confused with what we expect them to be. There may be others in a later post. I don’t think I’ll set a test for you though. Also, I’ve used simplistic language so if you’re a real sailor you may flinch at some descriptions. If you want to be a real sailor please do not rely on these descriptions. I’ll not include pics of the real objects, you’ll have to go onto the Clipper website http://www.clipperroundtheworld.com/race/fleet or use an internet search engine (I use everyclick as it raises money for charity but others are available!). A good link is http://www.universalyachting.com/how-to-sail-a-z-of-yachting-terms

Some of the items may be on this boat, which would possibly be recognisable in Chaucer’s time!

A) Coffee grinder

No not that sort. The coffee grinder on the boat (actually two of them on Clippers) is very hard work, it is used to drive the winches to get some of the sails up. Two people stand, one either side, and grind away in a similar movement to that used for one of these kitchen implements.

B) Yankee

Well that’s as close as I could get to a real Yankee! But they are actually sails, three of them I think on the Clippers.

C) Pulpit

Not as pretty as this and a great deal wetter! It’s right at the front (bow) of the boat and I guess stops you from falling overboard if you’re up there as it has a metal railing around it.

D) Jammer

I found this picture in my photo folder so thought it had to come out. Ours is nothing to do with Bob Marley. The jammer stops the ropes (lines) from flapping about when they’re not connected to the winch.

E) Legs

There are eight legs in the race, rather more in this picture. They will be described in more detail when we know more.

F) Letterbox

Nothing to do with Boris Johnson insulting people. It’s the thin space between the mainsail (the big one attached to the mast, although the yankee and spinnaker are bigger) and the boom (the pole at the bottom of the mainsail).

I think that’s enough technical stuff for one day, so close to Christmas. I need to go and ice my cake (it’s not going to be the traditional reindeer and snowmen on it this year!).

One thought on “09. Don’t Know Much About History

  1. What a fantastic adventure you are embarking on! (Oh, and the boys are going to have one, too)
    I love hearing about all your preparation.
    And don’t forget that you have a place to stay in Sydney when you get to the 4th and 5th legs! (Although, I am hoping that I can meet you in Brisbane, as well.)


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