53a. It’s A Small Small World (8)

One of the crew on George’s boat, Qingdao, is Dr Martin Mills, known as Pip (I’m not sure why, must try to find out). He’s a doctor from Bristol and is sailing on the first two or three legs. George thought they might have people they know in common as they live relatively close. He asked Pip where he practiced, to be told Royal United Hospital Bath. Gosh, says George (or some such expression), I was born there. After a fair bit of discussion, it turns out that it is more than likely that Pip was the doctor who delivered George, as he was the only male registrar in that department at the time! Not only George, but another Qingdao crew member was operated on by Pip. We did wonder how they allocate crew to the different boats, is this a clue? A very small world. Here’s Pip looking gleeful with his 1st pennant from Race 2.