48a. It’s A Small Small World (7)

Two in one today. Rachel Burgess is a veterinary surgeon who is circumnavigating on WTC Logistics. Her parents and brother were in Portimao and joined us in the watching room (white bean bags outside by the pontoon). Rachel did her degree at Glasgow and was one year behind Kate, who has the sheep in our paddock at home. We weren’t able to ask Rachel if she remembers Kate, but Kate remembers her.

Kate’s lambs for a previous year

Then, chatting to Rachel’s dad, it turns out he worked at Astra Zeneca and knows George’s Godmother Fiona! She’s planning on coming to Cape Town and Seattle so they might catch up with each other.

Also seen in Portimao, a shop that seems not to know the meaning of secrecy:

If you go onto the Clipper website and look at the Qingdao crew diary for 18th September, you’ll see that it’s from George. Cheerful as always. https://www.clipperroundtheworld.com/crew-diary/qingdao/206

A new item is on the website about Portimao, I think you can just see John at 0:25 and George at 2:39 but I could be wrong. https://www.clipperroundtheworld.com/news/article/portimo-labelled-a-huge-success

And the opposite of a small world, there’s also a shot of him in a local Qingdao newspaper, found courtesy of one of the Qingdao supporters.

News just in, Qingdao has gone into stealth mode so we’ll not see them moving for the next 24 hours. Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring!